Yeah sure it is, and Google is all over us to affirm this. Recently launched Swiffy seems to be another nail in Flash coffin. With this nifty tool, one can simply create HTML5 out of (almost) any flash file.

All you need is a flash created in SWF 8 and ActionScript 2.0 or lower. Better export your flash project as SWF 5 and Make sure the size is not more than 512 KB. Now, just upload this file and wait for the conversion. If all goes well, your HTML file will be ready in few seconds.

A simple question arises – Is Swiffy mature enough to convert flash to HTML 5?

No way! I’ve tested with a sample 10 KB flash file but the result is highly undesired. Currently Swiffy only recognizes limited number of flash ActionScript functions and you cannot totally trust the output it generates. Also, there is no customization option for it. Need some modifications? you got to edit HTML file now.

My Verdict?

Swiffy is a nice tool but it’s not mature enough to be used as your one stop Flash to HTML 5 converter tool. Better look for some other tool doing the same file or wait for Swiffy to mature, or even great is to write your HTML 5 file from scratch (daunting at first but definitely is a better way if you want to debug your code)