Well, you know, we all want to work in browser only these days and what’s better than to have a Unix/Linux shell running inside your browser?

Welcome CB.vu! It’s nifty little website that directly opens to a Linux shell. You can start typing your Linux commands right away and see the results. But as it’s being a shell in a cloud (sounds nice, ehh!), a lots of powerful features of actual shell is stripped off, and you cannot even crate a new directory (which makes me think if this command was allowed, where you’re supposed to make directory?).

But to begin with, it’s a nice tool to try some of the shell commands (but scripts as they’re also not supported). Just type man and you’ll find the list of commands with manuals, and I must say they’re the all that’s supported here as well. Generally, if you don’t have any commands doing file/directory changes, you’re good to execute in this shell.

My first impression though seems limited, I figured it a useful tool nonetheless. There are still quite a few commands to try and learn and it’s a nice drift off from usual websites. It’s just a pure shell virtualized to your webpage waiting for your actions. Cool isn’t it?

My biggest gripe about this website? Well, it can virtualize entire Linux shell and allow us to type in whatever command we want to. Yes I know this will add bloat to server side but handling those will not be much of a issue, is it?

Anyway, I want you guys to try your hands on to this website and feel the power (?) of Linux shell.