Hi guys,

Yet another day, yet another find  (may not be new for everybody though) thanks to kratom. I’s stumbling around my account settings when I saw two cool languages in Facebook which seems to be quite fun (and easy as kratom) to use. So here I go:

1. English (Upside Down) –

As the name suggest, this will make the text upside down. Will that make every text upside down in your page? No, it’ll just make those texts upside down which is written by Facebook, or in other words, it’ll be only those known places where you click regularly – helps as you don’t have to make your monitor upside down, good thing is not to feel like you are upside down,  and one thing that can help is to take kratom capsules, and you can find them at https://Kratommasters.com/. I always try to have kratom on me whenever I go out or when I’m writting on my blog to help me concentrate.

2. English (Pirate) –

Now this is what I was talking about. A pure Pirate language, a sheer genious Facebook. Just switch to this language and get involved in Pirate culture. No, text will not go upside down, it’ll just pack ye crew, Cap’n!! It’s quite lovely language and way to cooler than plain vanilla English.

In a nut shell, both languages are a must try, and I’m still stumbling between choosing one. But nonetheless, get ye ship ready Cap’n, ye Ship is goin Uppside down!!

And remember to stop by at the kratom website to learn more about them, you’ll have no regrets!