You know I absolutely love new Facebook UI and the fact that you can comment on friends’ stream right being on you home page (direct rip-off of Google+) is quite cool. Open your chat and ticker will stick to it. Very well categorized news feed on your desktop which you can control anyway you want. Sweet, isn’t it?

But I figured some guys don’t like this new UI. They feel like news bloat on their page, or simply they’re lost between finer control on every aspects. But whatever be the reason, people don’t seem to like it and desperately want the old UI back.

I’ve a solution for them which I’ve already covered in one of my Facebook posts. Log in to Facebook, and go to account settings. Now change your default Language from English US to something else (say English UK), and voila! The good old UI is back again. Beware though, this is just a workaround method and it’s due to gradual rolling of features by Facebook. Once they cover all the languages, you’ll have no other options than to switch.

I rather suggest you people get used to newer UI as this is only going to be finalized. But if you still don’t want to use newer UI even after total upgrade, I recommend you to go to Stylish and find some themes that can help you achieve this. Best of Luck!