Well, you know, the website I’m about to tell you just says it’s a command reference but for me it’s complete database of commands which covers everything you do on console/command line!

So, please welcome SS64! Yeah i know it’s unusual name, but the content it collects isn’t. This is a huge database of every command reference one can generally come across covering Oracle Database, Windows CMD, Linux Bash, VBScript Commands, OSX Commands, Windows Powershell and SQL Server Database.

How it’s useful, you may ask? Well, go to respective section and you’ll be presented with the list of commands supported. Now, click on any command and you’ll find all details of calling methods, keywords and their uses in details. It works as a one stop solutions for all the command needs.

Still, if you want more apart from the standard listed commands, fret not! There is SS64 Forum to help you out. Just head over to this forum and have all of your questions answered. Although it’s not a big community but it does helps you out very quickly.

I hope you’ll be more productive as now you’ll rather remember your code than the commands to execute them. SS64 has you covered.