Hi guys,

Again many of you might be aware of this, but there is a nifty place in YouTube itself which allows you to do a lot more stuffs than just watching video the plain old way.

Welcome Testtube! It’s a place just like Gmail Labs, giving you a lots of features either not available to general public or still in beta. There’s a lot to look for in this place.

Lemme give details of a few.

1. Cosmic Panda: This is entirely redesigned user interface for YouTube and I must say, it works towards a greater user engagement. Apart from face-lift, which is incredible, it also boasts several functionality changes. While playing a video, you can directly change the screen size without interrupting the playback and also can find similar videos just below it.

2. Topics: With so many videos on YouTube, it’s very hard to find out exact video of interest you’re looking for. Topics comes to rescue. It categorizes videos in nice categories for easy browsing experience. You just have to search for the topic you’re looking for and you’re good to go.

3. Video Editor: A very good editor is present right there on YouTube but wasn’t in your view earlier. Just head over to Editor and you can edit your upload your video right there to make it more appealing to target audience. Fun, isn’t it?

4. Caption Editor: Only editing videos is not sufficient to attract the audience. You need to make it interactive, right? Hence comes the caption editor. A nice way to add caption to the video and you can tell your story along with the video!

5. YouTube Music Discovery: Now this is the place for pure music junkie. Here you can search for your favourite artist/song or you can also select Top 100 songs and a playlist is created for you. A pure audio nirvana.

6. Feather: On slow network, but still want to see the videos on YouTube? Fret not, you can always enable YouTube feather and voila! You’re right into the video without much hiccups.

Sure, apart from these six cool utilities, there are more stuffs as well, but I’ve not tried them yet. Whenever I put my hands on those, I’ll definitely update those on my blog. Stay tuned. But for now don’t forget to visit Testtube and enjoy the YouTube in a whole new way!