Hi guys,

Most of us know coding, or at least few bits and pieces of it. But what about learning a bit more, especially when it’s quite fun to code rather than horrendous way you’re used to in the past?

Well, if you’re in then let me tell you a couple of the very good places to start with. Depending on your taste and expertise level, you can pick any (or both) of the website and start coding right away.

1. Codecademy: It’s a very decent site which help you learn the codes and the best practices used. It’s easy to learn but still decently paced and never goes cumbersome as it contains help for each chapter it covers. Also, there is a point and achievement system in place which not only keeps track of your progress but also motivates you to finish the chapters quickly and earn more trophies. Nice way to inspire, isn’t it?

I used this website for few hours and found it quite engaging. For me, most of the part are easy (or already known in other words) but I never got bored, thanks to achievements and trophies in place. Finishing a chapter definitely gives you sense of achievement. Also, the hole interface of the website is well formed. In fact, before even logging in, it can throw you write there in coding. A must try for refreshment of coding skills.

2. CodeChef: Another cool website is Codechef. It’s for beginner and advanced alike. It contains a lot more resources than Codecademy, but it doesn’t stop there. Apart from general learning section, it also contains discussion forums but it shines in Compete section. Here, you can compete with others in solving the problem. more’s below.

First thing I must say, CodeChef’s interface is not as intuitive as Codecademy, but this is the only place where it falls short. Learn section is really huge and you’ve to spend days to learn everything, even if you’re a pro programmer. Also, the questions are based on real world problems, unlike generic question in Codecademy. If you need to know more, head over to Discuss tab, which contains wiki, forums and blogs. A lot can be learnt from there as well. Now coming to most exiting part of the website – The Compete section. Here, you’ll find of the (kind of) very tough questions and in given time frame you’ve to solve it. As all the programmers on it, it’s not just the fastest but the best response what is accepted. Quite an effort is needed and is a guaranteed place to learn a lot. If not for anything else, I must say go to CodeChef at least once for it’s Compete section.

So, buckle up guys and get yourself into a coding world you always wanted to be!