You poor Symbian user. Can’t install that app just because it’s unsigned, duh! Well, jokes apart, this is the typical issue we face every time we try installing some apps on our phone. Generally we don’t even know ho to get those dev cert and key required to sign the file and once we get those then how to sign them is also a issue.

Well today I’ll discuss those issue one by one and get you out from the install error hell.

Starting with the process, the first thing you’ll need is a account on SymbianSigned. Just head over to the website and click register to get started. Now follow the below mentioned steps –

1. Fill in all the details in below mentioned fields and make sure that you use corporate / personal web or blog email and not public email like yahoo, gmail, etc.

2. Now, these details are optional, you can simply select “Are you associate with company?” to no and proceed.

3. Now just confirm your account from the email you got and you’ll be presented to this screen. Just see there is a empty IMEI list.

4. Now, just below that, you’ll find Add IMEI section. Just input your 15-digit IMEI here (Press #06# in your phone to obtain your IMEI), and give any description you want. Click Add IMEI.

5. You’ll see the IMEI list, which was empty is now filled with the IMEI details given just now. It’ll look something like this.

6. Finally, on the right hand side of IMEI list, you’ll find the option to upload your sis fine to sign it or download the certificates for manual signing.

7. Now if you’re a new user, or just don’t want to get involved in manual signing, just upload your files and you’ll get it signed in some time. But it’s time taking process and you’ve to be patient.

8. If you want to do manual signing, just download one more tool called SISContents. It’s nifty little tool, which can handle signing very well. SISContents also contains the cert and key file of itself, but you cannot sign protected files with it. For protected file you just need to add cert and key files you’ve created in above process and you’re good to go.

9. The signing process for SISContents is explained here which I think is sufficient for anybody to understand the process.

Please let me know if you find this tutorial useful. If anything is not explained properly, I’m more than happy to help you out in those areas. Till then, have a trouble-free app installation on Symbian. Chao!