We always need cloud storage, don’t we? Choosing one is something where problems comes. Every cloud storage services are it’s pro and cons. Some has huge storage but no free auto-syncing features (Adrive for example) and some has powerful backup features but then they don’t give you enough space to backup on free account (e.g. DropBox).

So here I present you with one solution that gives you, hold your breath, whopping 512GB of free storage and comes with auto backup of folders. Welcome Backify!

Setting up a Backify account is quite straight forward. It just requires your full name, email address, and password. Click confirmation message link, you received in email, and your account is created. It also creates a personal sharing URL (you need to log in to see it contents). Now after logging into your personal sharing, Backify prompts you to download backup application named Livedrive-Setup.exe (What? Shouldn’t it be Backify-Setup.exe? Well, I’ll come to that later!).

Now install the Livedrive application and run it, give your credentials and select the folders you want to share. That’s it, your backup process is finished in single line, phew! You’ll see a small icon in your Notification Area. Do you want to add a folder to backup (or how else you suppose to exhaust the 512GB, huh!) post configuration? Easy, Just right click the folder and select Backup with Livedrive Backup, shown below –

Add folder to Livedrive backup

That’s it. Your folder is added to backup list and will be monitored for any changes in future. You’ll see this confirmation message as well –

Livedrive Backup confirmation

Addition to this, Backfiy also provides following features in it’s free offering –

  • Unlimited Backup
  • Easily restore any lost files
  • Keep 30 versions of your files
  • Play your music anywhere
  • Watch your movies anywhere
  • Access your file from web and download it personally

As people fear to choose new brand for their data, obviously, some questions may arise. As we know, Backify is not a big brand or something, then how it manage to give 512GB of space for free? 512GB is generally sufficient for most of the people, so what’s exactly we get for paid offering? They could have chosen other storage offerings as well like somewhat decent sounding 500 GB or something, then why exactly 512GB? And why the hell the name of backup software is Livedrive-Setup.exe and not Backify-Setup.exe (Yeah, I haven’t forgotten that.)?

Lemme answer these question in somewhat, uhh, random order.

Backify has very powerful paid plans at surprisingly low rates. One of the obvious drawbacks you get in free plan is that, you cannot share your files with anybody, you need Briefcase for that (A Livedrive feature, not actually a bag, if you need clarification). You’ll also get unlimited storage, ability to sync files on 2 or more computers, FTP and WebDAV, ability to edit documents anywhere, and some other features. It’s definitely worth considering paid offerings of Backify.

And now for all left over questions, here is big disclosures (Hah, I like to make things big.) –

Backify is actually a reseller for Livedrive (Now where did it came from?). Livedrive is a paid-only cloud hosting service, which offers cloud backup services to individual, business and resellers (much like web hosting). It’s reseller plan is worth of our interest right now. With Livedrive’s reseller plan, one can do following things (apart from many others, but they’re not of our interest) –

  • Procure new accounts instantly – no waiting around
  • Create Livedrive Backup, Briefcase, Suite or Business accounts
  • Backup accounts are free: create as many as you want for no extra charge (this is how we get free account)
  • Unlimited storage – it doesn’t matter how many files your customer’s got on their computer, we’ll back them all up
  • Customise your packages – add and remove features and space
  • Accounts start at 512GB – add more space as your customer needs it from your reseller portal (this pretty much solves the 512GB number issue, isn’t it?)
  • Share files with friends and family with one click

Clearly, with reseller account in hand, one can create unlimited user accounts and provide him with full features, and all this comes for mere $59.95 per month. This, also, pretty much answers all the questions (Yeah the name Livedrive-Setup.exe is there because Backify guys are not sophisticated enough to customize it. Big deal, huh!).

One final question remains – Will Backify survive and if yes then how?

Clearly, Backify don’t count on free users for it’s survival. Looking at it’s pricing plans, it’s quite clear that it just needs 20 people on the lowest plan ($2.99 and full 1 year in advance) to break-even. Any more user or users from higher plan will give them profit. So, let’s think if it gets something like 250 people on average plan (Most-popular one – $4.99 a month if taken for a year in full), it actually makes $1187.55 (Around Rs. 58,451) in profit per month. Quite and healthy business, isn’t it? On all accounts, this service is not only authentic but seems to survive easily.

So, rest easy, create an account today and enjoy the cloud storage on whole new level. Before parting, but, let me tell you another cool thing – Backify by no counts is only service that give you 512GB of data for free (after all it’s just a reseller). You can also check BeeCloud offering almost same package (somewhat cheaper though) as Backify.

Till we meet in our next post, Happy backing yourself up!