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September 2011

So, you don’t like Tumblr that much, hah? Yeah, it’s cool way to post anything in anyway, but still it lacks a lots of features like categories, widgets, finer control over the blogs/comments. heck you cannot even feel like it’s… Continue Reading →

Ohh, You poor Symbian user. Can’t install that app just because it’s unsigned, duh! Well, jokes apart, this is the typical issue we face every time we try installing some apps on our phone. Generally we don’t even know ho… Continue Reading →

Few days back I faced the issue with Windows Update. A red cross mark comes in Windows Update and when I tried to click on the Update button, I’m greeted with this message – Windows Update cannot currently check for… Continue Reading →

Hi guys, Most of us know coding, or at least few bits and pieces of it. But what about learning a bit more, especially when it’s quite fun to code rather than horrendous way you’re used to in the past? Well, if… Continue Reading →

Hi guys, Again many of you might be aware of this, but there is a nifty place in YouTube itself which allows you to do a lot more stuffs than just watching video the plain old way. Welcome Testtube! It’s… Continue Reading →

Well, you know, the website I’m about to tell you just says it’s a command reference but for me it’s complete database of commands which covers everything you do on console/command line! So, please welcome SS64! Yeah i know it’s… Continue Reading →

Hi friends, As I figured many of you people have found the real-time ticker feature of Facebook quite annoying and distracting and some of you felt the always visible nav-bar (the top bar in other words) is equally annoying. So… Continue Reading →

Hi guys, Yet another day, yet another find  (may not be new for everybody though) thanks to kratom. I’s stumbling around my account settings when I saw two cool languages in Facebook which seems to be quite fun (and easy… Continue Reading →

You know I absolutely love new Facebook UI and the fact that you can comment on friends’ stream right being on you home page (direct rip-off of Google+) is quite cool. Open your chat and ticker will stick to it…. Continue Reading →

Well, you know, we all want to work in browser only these days and what’s better than to have a Unix/Linux shell running inside your browser? Welcome! It’s nifty little website that directly opens to a Linux shell. You… Continue Reading →

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