The new and more robust Gmail (discussed earlier) is finally live for everyone. What could be the better day to choose its official launch than on my birthday (Or maybe I’m thinking too much 🙂 )!! Although it seems to be open for everyone right now, but chances are that you may not see the option to switch to this new interface, as Google is not making it default for now. But knowing the fact that it’ll be default interface in future, I think it’s better to switch early and get accustomed with.

Just follow these steps to get the new interface for the Gmail:

1. Look in the bottom right corner of you Gmail, and you’ll find the option to switch to new look.

Gmail Switch

2. Now, you’ll see a popup asking you to switch to new interface or continue to old one. Just press switch and you’re done.

Switch option

3. Now as you’ve switched to new interface, you’ll be greeted with te change-log and an introductory video. just go through the links if you wish to know more, else click Continue to the new look.

Welcome message

Great! Now as you’ve new interface, just start fiddling with it and customize it to suit your taste. You can also read (really?) the official Gmail announcement here.