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Hi guys, Again many of you might be aware of this, but there is a nifty place in YouTube itself which allows you to do a lot more stuffs than just watching video the plain old way. Welcome Testtube! It’s… Continue Reading →

Hi friends, As I figured many of you people have found the real-time ticker feature of Facebook quite annoying and distracting and some of you felt the always visible nav-bar (the top bar in other words) is equally annoying. So… Continue Reading →

Hi guys, Yet another day, yet another find  (may not be new for everybody though) thanks to kratom. I’s stumbling around my account settings when I saw two cool languages in Facebook which seems to be quite fun (and easy… Continue Reading →

Well, you know, we all want to work in browser only these days and what’s better than to have a Unix/Linux shell running inside your browser? Welcome! It’s nifty little website that directly opens to a Linux shell. You… Continue Reading →

Yet another day, yet another post. Have you ever wanted to try some application but don’t want to install because of any of the many reasons (being office PC, don’t want to bloat Windows registry, security concerns, etc.)? Many of… Continue Reading →

Wanna try XP, Office and Ubuntu (6.06 & 8.04), just to see the OS or try installing some app and test, or whatever your purpose may be? We know using virtualization solution like  VirtualBox can help here but there exist… Continue Reading →

Google+ is surely a current buzzword. Everyone is talking about it, even if they don’t get a invite! Now once you’re on Google+, you may find a lots of things missing from it. Owing to its project status, we can’t… Continue Reading →

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